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How to Stay Safe in a Whiteout

Winter driving can be hazardous at best. But when snow and wind combine to produce a whiteout condition, your driving survival skills become most important. Obviously, if your forecast includes such conditions, the best course of action is to stay off the roads. But if you must drive, then heed these tips for safety:

  • Gradually slow down, bringing your speed down to what is suitable for the conditions. Not only will visibility be reduced, you will need more time and distance to stop or turn on the slippery roads.
  • Make all inputs to steering and braking smooth and gentle. Accelerating, braking or turning suddenly will could result in a spin or slide when traction is lost.

In “12 Tips for Driving in a Whiteout”, offers, “In many parts of the country, driving through wind and snow is just a part of your average winter. However, it’s not every day that you get caught driving in a whiteout… Drivers are often caught off guard when snow is being blown across roadways and visibility becomes virtually nonexistent. If weather conditions are bad enough, make an executive decision to stay home.”

Read the entire article to learn driving in a winter whiteout and how to best protect yourself.

Auto Insurance Tip

We all know we should be prepared in advance by having a survival kit in the car when driving during bad winter weather. Being prepared also means knowing in advance that you have all the insurance coverage you’ll need in case an accident does occur. Be sure also to take along your insurance agent’s phone number and your auto insurance policy information, just in case. A brief visit with your agent should assure you that you are sufficiently covered for your circumstances.

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