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Identity Theft On Campus

How vulnerable is your college student when it comes to identity theft? Hadn’t considered it? You might want to take a close look.

We checked out and found that it takes very little of a college student’s personal information to allow an identity thief to open new credit lines, empty bank accounts, submit fraudulent tax returns, receive medical services and even provide your college student’s ID as an alias to police upon an arrest.

It’s far too easy for personal information to be quickly lifted by a motivated ID thief from a smart phone or other device or even from wallet credentials.

Read “Who’s at risk for ID theft? More and more, it’s college students” and be sure to watch the video for additional details to keep your student safe on campus.

Insurance Tip

If someone in your family were to become a victim of identity theft, would you know what to do? Ask your agent about Identity Recovery coverage designed to quickly restore the credit and reputation of identity theft victims.

Here at the Daniel Howley Insurance Agency, we would be glad to discuss identity recovery coverage, fraud reimbursement coverage or, in fact, any insurance coverage that you might require. We can help you explore the options and arrive at an insurance plan that makes sense for you. Why not contact our office at your convenience?



With the new semester beginning soon, will you have teens headed to college? If so, then you know that there is a never-ending list of things to do before they’re ready for campus life. One item that is often overlooked is insurance coverage. Will they be taking their car to school? Will they live in the dorm or in an off-campus apartment? These are just two of the items that might affect your auto and homeowners insurance decisions.

In “Back to College Q & A”, offers “answers to a few of the most common questions that parents of college students have” and offers tips to keep your students’ car and belongings safe and protected.

Read the entire article to learn what you need to know about auto insurance and homeowners insurance protection for your college students.

Insurance Discount Tip

If your college student is young, unmarried, attending college full-time away from home with no use of a vehicle, then you might be eligible for a discount on your Auto Insurance policy. In fact, other multi-policy discounts might also apply. Be sure to contact your insurance agent to discuss your options and assure that you have the right coverage in place before you send your teen off to school.

Here at Daniel Howley Insurance Agency, we are a full service insurance agency, offering auto/car insurance, homeowners insurance, business/commercial insurance and life insurance to Rockville MD, all of Maryland and Virginia. Our experienced insurance agents welcome the opportunity to discuss your coverage needs and questions at any time.



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We are committed to keeping your auto insurance rates as low as possible while still providing the best coverage.

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