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Personal Insurance

We can tailor the best homeowners and auto insurance policy options to meet your particular needs at the most competitive rate.

Personal Insurance Policy Coverages for MD, VA

Whatever your personal insurance needs, if you are located in Maryland (MD) or Virginia (VA), then you can rely on the Daniel Howley Insurance Agency, here in Rockville, Maryland (Montgomery County), to help you find the best rates and the best terms on homeowners, renters, condo and flood insurance as well as auto, boat and motorcycle insurance for you and your family. 

The following are just some of the coverages we offer, and we invite you to contact us to discuss any other type of policy you might need, as well.

Auto Insurance

If you are like most folks, your car, truck, van or SUV is essential to your daily life. You take care of it and take care to avoid damage.  But accidents happen, and you need to know you are protected from loss.

Homeowners Insurance

Your home is your castle, the place where you want to feel safe from nature’s perils; but just when we least expect it, disaster can strike.

Condo Insurance

When your home is a condominium, no matter the building structure, would you know what questions to ask your condo association before purchasing insurance to cover your investment?  Condo owners' needs vary.

Renters (Tenants) Insurance

Whether you rent a house or an apartment, you will need to protect your personal property and insure against others’ claims of damage or injury.  Contrary to what some believe, your landlord’s insurance does not offer you that protection. 

Personal Catastrophe Liability (Umbrella) Insurance

What happens if the settlement following an accident far exceeds your insurance coverage?  Although high six-figure awards are still uncommon except in corporate lawsuits, they can happen. Personal catastrophe and liability coverage is your answer.

Flood Insurance

Even if you don’t live near water, flooding can still cause significant – even devastating – damage to your home and property.  Many people believe your homeowners insurance covers such damage, but that is not so.  You need separate insurance to protect against a flood. 

Motorcycle Insurance

When the open road calls, you and your motorcycle are ready to roll.  You will want the security of knowing that you and your ride are protected in the case of damage, accidents and theft. 

Need more information?

Contact us today and speak with one of our expert agents who can answer all your questions and help you sort out your insurance needs.

Don't see the type of insurance you need? 

The Daniel Howley Insurance Agency is a full-service insurance agency here in Rockville, MD (Montgomery County), and we offer many other types of insurance to meet your needs besides the above.  Just call our office at 301-468-0191 or contact us online at your convenience to discuss all your insurance needs.


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We are committed to keeping your auto insurance rates as low as possible while still providing the best coverage.

howley round homeowners Homeowners insurance is your protection against loss resulting from home-related damage or disaster.
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