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Identity Theft On Campus

How vulnerable is your college student when it comes to identity theft? Hadn’t considered it? You might want to take a close look.

We checked out and found that it takes very little of a college student’s personal information to allow an identity thief to open new credit lines, empty bank accounts, submit fraudulent tax returns, receive medical services and even provide your college student’s ID as an alias to police upon an arrest.

It’s far too easy for personal information to be quickly lifted by a motivated ID thief from a smart phone or other device or even from wallet credentials.

Read “Who’s at risk for ID theft? More and more, it’s college students” and be sure to watch the video for additional details to keep your student safe on campus.

Insurance Tip

If someone in your family were to become a victim of identity theft, would you know what to do? Ask your agent about Identity Recovery coverage designed to quickly restore the credit and reputation of identity theft victims.

Here at the Daniel C. Howley Insurance Agency, we would be glad to discuss identity recovery coverage, fraud reimbursement coverage or, in fact, any insurance coverage that you might require. We can help you explore the options and arrive at an insurance plan that makes sense for you. Why not contact our office at your convenience?